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Traveling with Food Allergies: Pack Your Bags (and Epi)…It’s Time for a Trip

This presentation will help you understand all the steps required in order to prepare and enjoy an international or domestic trip with food allergies. Kyle will dive deep into the best practices for packing, the necessary advance phone calls, and the information that you will want at your fingertips at all times during your trip. Helpful resources and materials will be discussed, with an overall theme that travel is doable with the right planning. The goal is to leave you feeling empowered and well-equipped to plan a safe trip.


Kyle Dine

Kyle Dine is a food allergic individual who has turned his diagnosis into several positive impacts for the food allergy community. Growing up with multiple food allergies, Kyle experienced a harrowing anaphylactic reaction in his early twenties and became determined to help others avoid reactions. With over a decade of work in allergy education and the non-profit sector, Kyle has become a trusted food allergy speaker who performs engaging allergy awareness assemblies in elementary schools across North America. His message promotes understanding, support, and empathy for those living with severe food allergies.

An avid traveler, Kyle is the founder of Equal Eats which provides professional translation cards to help the allergy community convey allergens in foreign languages. His goal is to help people with dietary restrictions enjoy food safely all around the world.
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