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Food Allergy in 5 Lessons: Prevention, Lesson 5

Whether you’re adapting to a new food allergy diagnosis for yourself or someone you care about, or you’ve been managing food allergy for years, there is a so much to learn, and it can be tough to know where to start. From food allergy basics to the latest in food allergy treatment and prevention, join this free five-part webinar series as expert speaker, John M. James, MD, reviews the fundamentals of food allergies.

The series will begin with Lesson 1, an overview of food allergy, including basic definitions, categories of reactions, epidemiology, and information about symptoms and routes of exposure. Lesson 2 will provide a description of the overall diagnostic approach and process involved in confirming food allergies, with an exploration of allergy testing. Lesson 3 will be an in-depth review and discussion on the topic of anaphylaxis and the use of epinephrine. Lesson 4 will look at the landscape of food allergy treatment—from immunotherapies to biologic drugs. Finally, the series will close with Lesson 5, a discussion on food allergy prevention that addresses increased food allergy prevalence and early allergen introduction.  

Each lesson is 1-hour

Original air dates:
March 9, 2022, Lesson 1
May 24, 2022, Lesson 2
July 19, 2022, Lesson 3
September 13, 2022, Lesson 4
November 15, 2022, Lesson 5

NOTE: This certificate expires on November 15, 2025