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Food Allergy 101: Food Allergy Testing Basics

Join us to learn the best practice approach to food allergy diagnosis. In this webinar, Dr. John James and Gary Falcetano, PA-C, AE-C provide a brief overview of food allergies including epidemiology, clinical features, and the distinction between food intolerance and other adverse food reactions. The goal of this webinar is to discuss and define the current guidelines for allergy testing, the limitations of the current guidelines, and how innovation can improve our current diagnostics. This webinar was sponsored by Allergy Insider.

Length: 1 hour

Original air date: June 28, 2023, 1pm EST

Sponsored by: Allergy Insider

Gary Falcetano, PA-C, AE-C

Gary Falcetano is the U.S. Scientific Affairs Manager for Allergy in ImmunoDiagnostics at Thermo Fisher Scientific. A licensed physician assistant with more than 25 years of diverse experience in emergency and disaster medicine, primary care, and allergy and immunology.
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John James, MD

Dr. John James is an Allergy, Asthma and Immunology specialist certified by the American Board of Allergy and Immunology, particularly interested in pediatric food allergy and anaphylaxis. He has a strong family history of asthma, food allergies, and eczema and has been diagnosed with FPIES*. After 30 years in a clinical setting, he wanted a change in how he benefits patients. In January of 2021, he formed and launched a new business called Food Allergy Consulting and Education Services, LLC.