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FARECheck Instructor Training: Education (College, K-12)- JULY 16, 2024

This 2-hour, live instructor-led course will prepare you to deliver FARE food service training, including:
  • Strategies for being an effective trainer for in person and virtual sessions
  • Why this matters to food service professionals
  • Food allergy 101
  • Recognizing and responding to a food allergy reaction
  • Ingredient accuracy
  • Reducing the risk for cross-contact
  • Communicating about food allergies

Those who successfully complete FIT will become FARE-recognized instructors and eligible to deliver FARE-owned training to their food service staff. 

Christine Creter

Christine Creter is an established Learning and Performance Strategist with more than 25 years of professional experience designing, developing, implementing and facilitating global training programs across a range of audiences and modalities. She formed Creter Group in 2005.